Toyama City


“Toyama” means “rich with mountains” and the city offers stunning views of the 3,000 meter crest of the Northern Japan Alps from its picture perfect location on the Sea of Japan, only 250 km northwest of Tokyo.
Historically, Toyama was a powerful castle town and today this thriving high tech city still offers visitors splendid ancient festivals such as the famous Harvest Wind Festival (Owara Kaze no Bon) and Hikiyama Festival Float Parade, neighborhoods with traditional 19th century wooden buildings along with ultra-modern trams along the downtown canals, and the largest community of glass artists in Japan.
With easy access, award winning pure water, spectacular mountain trekking, the largest glass art museum in Japan, the elegant traditional architecture of the Rakusuitei Museum and Gardens, and renowned sashimi and sushi, eco-friendly Toyama has it all.

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